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I have published three action / adventure novels and a children's book. Thank you for everything you have done to help make my novel the best it can be.
Bruce Monson

Just wanted you to know that I was very happy with the editing, and will be sending you more projects in the future.
Best regards,
Jackie Hellingson
Executive Director
Society of Exchange Counselors

I really appreciate your editing work. You have made me a believer in FirstEditing.
Doug Patterson

Thanks, that was fast... I wasn't going to have a second edit, but, after giving it some thought, I reconsidered, and I'm glad I did. I absolutely love the editor's work! I am looking forward to working on the final manuscript, sypnosis, and query letter with her. Thanks so much for your help, I look forward to working with you again soon.
Yvette Hamilton


Document looks great. Thanks a lot. I will definitely look to you guys again in the future for my editing needs.
Thanks and regards,
Joseph Assi

Thanks for editing my short story. I am grateful for all the comments, suggestions and corrections--I do not feel discouraged at all.
Calisto Mudzingwa

Thank you very much.
Terry Coleman

Well ... after shopping around, I want to go with you. I like the idea that I have a "team" behind me, and I was impressed with the editing sample. Plus the fact that you guarantee your work. *smile*
Sheila McKenzie

Thank you very much. It looks really good. I appreciate your efforts.
Juan A. Padilla
Pre Sales Manager
Technology Partners, Inc

Thank You for your speedy response to my editing needs. I am interested in using your services as your price was the best to my advantage.
Thank you,
Michael Gardner



Just want to say how pleased I was with the editor's editing. Thanks again.
Alan Crichton

Thanks for the prompt work.
Regards, Viktor Krchnak

Thank you very much for all the hard work. You have been really helpful!
I like the changes and am satisfied with them! You will have a mention in my book!
Dan Bilodeau

Wow...this is a really good editing!
Thank you,

please thank for me the editor of my piece, he or she did a fantastic job.
Marco Frascari

Thanks for doing a great job on editing my children story. I look forward to sending more writing your way, what a great service!!!!
Jaime Porteous




Thank you so much for working on my manuscript. It was 18 years in the making (a long story) and I certainly appreciate your feedback and your encouragement! I have incorporated all your suggestions and corrections into the original, and I do feel that the story is much better for them. Based on your response, I have already started to pen the first sequel and am having great fun with it. I will definitely contact you again, once I have a completed manuscript. Don't worry - it will not take me another 18 years this time :)
Best regards,
Alan Liebhaber

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Send my thanks to the editor(s). Being that French is my first language, I know my vocabulary likely isn't as full as someone with English as their first language and I guess as a beginning writer, it's hard to believe my writing is good?! Any help on word selection (adjectives, adverbs or verbs) would be great!
Thanks again,
Dan Bilodeau

I must say I am quite impressed with your agency. I had some interest in my manuscript by several Literary Agents and Publishers and needed 3 edited sample chapters. I was surprised to find the very next day the complete edited manuscript in my email. My deepest appreciation to all those involved in this project. I will gladly recommend your services to others and surely use it myself again.
Lance Oren



Kick ass!! Gratz !
Chad Watson

I have received the final draft of my document. Thank you for your help.
Take care,
Martha Pimento

With your help now I believe it's much more readable Thanks again for your work! Thanks/Regards
Sebastian Paluch

Thanks for everything. Your advice was greatly appreciated. Working with you and First Edit was a pleasure.

Accept my sincere and warmest thanks for the editing work your people have so well done for me.
With best wishes - Zecharia

Pls express my appreciation to my editor. Thanks a lot.




I just got "the first chunk" and the sweet comments from my editor.  I couldn't be more happy with your customer service and the product FirstWriting has delivered. I am already started on another novel, and when the time comes, rest assured that I'll be back! I've never done this before, thank you for making it an easy yet exciting experience.
Chris Condley

I got the document, and will be looking over the changes shortly. Thank you again for your work!
Sarah Harmon

Thanks for your great help. I think your help is very professional to me. I am very impressed.
Thanks a lot.
Nicole Wang

Once again please thank my editor, I think that she has done a truly excellent job, far exceeding what I would normally expect from an editing service. I wish I had contacted FirstEditing years ago!
Sean Gould



I just want to say that this editor is really awesome. She fixes the grammar and punctuation without changing the intent. Thank you so much for all of your time and attention to this project.

No problem...thanks for your continued help and support. I look forward to working with you...Your comments are helpful...
Merry Boggs

I also appreciate your generous compliments about the story. I've enjoyed working with you and will keep you appraised of the books progress. My best and God bless.
George Johnson

Thanks again! I am incredibly impressed! Talk to you in a few weeks.
Lora Trost

Thank you for doing such an excellent job in a timely fashion. You've really out done yourselves. And I'm very thankful; for the time and effort put fourth to bring the work to standards. My next project will demand first edit's attention.
Paul Allen Leoncini

Thanks very much for your fine commendation, may God bless you.
Godwin Jones




My editor did a beautiful job. Nothing was cut, I was a bit anxious as this is my first editing experience. I just printed out her comments and am going over my document to make the changes. Thanks so much. I will be working with you more in the future and, I will highly recommend your service!
Yvette Hamilton

I want to thank the editor for the job that she did looking over my preface and making corrections and suggestions.
Tim Learnard


Thank you for all your help! I would have lost my mind without you.

Thank you so much for your service and your added suggestions in wording my document.
I really appreciate your ideas.
I look forward to working with you in the future. Have a wonderful and favorable day!
Best regards,
Mary V. Morales
MV Design Interiors

Thank you for the work done.
Best Regards
Anicet Yalaho



Thank you for all of your hard work. The edits you made were great. I could have never done the job you did. Thank you so much!

It was edited very well. Thank you for all you help.
Sincerely: Oshea
Sammy Davis

Thank you for you help,
Edgar Stella, M.D., ASBP

All set, thank you so much, will be using you in future,
Sal DeLucia

The story reads great. Thank you for your expert editing. Thank you very much for your time and professionalism.
Steve Salas

Thank you was a pleasure to work with you...I am sure we will do it again. Thank you very much for a lovely job…I enjoyed getting in the flow of your edits and comments. Maybe it was that common Southern Hemisphere influence…
Thank you once again.
Phillip Dignan




thank you very much for a good job done. over all you have cleaned up my work pretty good and it is now easy to read and i like it very much.
Thanks again
Kwame Frimpong

Thank you so much. I am very impressed with the editing!!!! Have a great day!!!!
Jen Punongbayan

This looks absolutely fantastic. You guys are truly amazing. I am so beyond grateful. Awesome, thank you so much. I will certainly without a doubt refer you guys to anyone and everyone I know! You are truly saving me here!
Best wishes and much thanks,
Dave Liebhaber

WOW!! I just skimmed through it and I can tell you made A LOT of adjustments. I can't wait to see what it really looks like. Thanks a lot for all of your help and I will definitely refer you ladies to my friends.
Have a good weekend!!
Leroy Saunders

I am speechless, and I am impressed. This is awesome. I was very leery at first because I have never done anything like this. I will be contacting you in the very near future for additional speech writing services. I am impressed with the speech, and with the way you do business. Thank-you! Thank-you!
Gwendolyn Lee



Thank you for all your patience and thank you for what looks to be a great job in editing. I have a publisher!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.
Anita Bryce
Curly Grandma's Letters

I am happy to have made your acquaintance; I will be back in touch soon with the next document.
Take care,
Charles Gregory

Thank you VERY much! That means a lot to me coming from someone who is not my friend or feels like they HAVE to say they liked it. You read a lot of things and I am very happy that it made you laugh. That is the goal. I will write additional things. Thanks for the help. I might even mention you in the forward when I get it published.
Thanks :-)
Farissa Alexander

Great job! I will make sure that I use you all again. I am working another book as we speak and it should be ready late next year.
Larry Ross

I appreciate your work and comments.
Many thanks
Prince aka Eddy Raleigh

Thank you very much for the corrections. I am satisfy with the results. Love your input. thanks
Joanne Williams





I recently got my book edited by your company, and I'm just writing to thank you for doing a splendid job. Thank you for doing such an excellent job with my book on Songwriting. I showed my partner Robyn, and she was like, "Whoa... your editor is awesome... this is amazing!" I'd also like to thank you for the kind and encouraging message you sent me after completion. I'm very glad you found the book a good read, and I'd love to forward you a copy as soon as it's completed.  Well, thank you once again for doing such a great job!
Geoffrey Williams

Hello - Thank you so much for your professional and speedy editing. I am very pleased with the results.
Thank you again.
Melody Satborch

Dear 1st Editing;
Thank you very much for your help.
Joe Vu

Many thanks for the brilliant job on the editing – much appreciated!
Linda Hallcross

Many thanks. I am still in London until next week and will download when I return to North East.
Alan Whitburn, UK

Thanks so much for this.
Hui Pung

Just letting you know have received everything. And my thanks for a fine job.
William Robinson

Perfecto!!! Please thank my editor for the good and hard work. I am impressed.
Peter Tijm

Good job! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have taken a quick look over it and it seems that you really put a lot of effort into the manuscript. I know with your revisions this book will be that much better. So, I want to say thank you again.
Tawan Perry





I would like to thank Professional Editing for the work done on my book 'Far Beyond the Falls'. I forwarded the first four chapters and I have been offered representation from a literary agency in New York. Could you please pass on my thanks to the editor and I hope I shall have more work for her in the not so distant future.
Again many thanks.
Alan Crichton

Please tell my editor how VERY, VERY pleased I am with her help and suggestions, and that I would like to keep her for the rest of my book as it gets written.
Mike Caughey



I got the document. Thanks for sending it fast.
Balapal Basavarajappa

Thanks for your comments.
Linda S. Vought
Office Manager & Sales Administrator
Quality Equipment & Parts, Inc.

Hey!! Thank you so much! You have no idea how that makes me feel.
Walt Viera
Riverside Lending & Realty




I was very satisfied with your service and will use you again and recommend you to my writing groups.
Rolando Velasco

Thanks for the sample. It looks great! Well, I am very glad to purchase your service.
Zi Ning

Hi there, this (editing) sample is excellent and gives me a great idea as to what you can do. 
Many thanks,
Linda Hallcross

Thank you very much for your kind help.
Tieli Wang

I just wanted to say thank you. I've really enjoyed working with First Editing. The editor was great. Whether I find a publisher (or not) I feel like my work is polished and error-free. I'm working on another novel and I'll definitely use you again for editing.
Thank you.
Sherrie Tellier


Thanks a lot!
Yiling Qiu

Wow - thanks! That's great!
C Godlewski

These were not just words, I appreciate your pen very much. I was from the start under your spell. Thank you very much and I hope you may tolerate my Polish English some time more.
Andrzej Mojdzin

Thank you---she (my editor) really considers content and grammar---very good!
Douglas Perez

Thank you very much. I will certainly consider using your services again now and appreciate you for placing yourself in our shoes.
Andy Louder
PMI Direct



This is coming a little late but I wanted to thank "First Editing" for the very nice editing on my manuscript. This was very neat and right on time. When I was searching for someone to edit my work I checked with probably a half dozen programs on the Internet. When I checked First Editing I was fully impressed but seeing the professional set-up I passed on by figuring the price was too high. Finally, I came back and checked you out and was truly surprised that your price was less than a one or two person set-up and much faster. I am happy that I made the decision to go with you and am now working on another book. Thank you kindly.
Ralph McIntyre

Thank you for all of your hard work on this. It looks great.
I have also added the references where they should be added.
You've gone above and beyond to remind me about those.
Thanks again for everything.
Matt Gosselin

Thank you for forwarding my request for a brief summary of the proposal to my editor.  I have found her editing notes very useful.
Thank you for your services,
Best Regards,
Diane Beam




Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am...took my book from a C- to an A+. I plan on making some revisions and will be talking to you later in the month... I've already told several people about you agency and hopefully drummed up more more business for you.
Thanks again.
Linda Krug

Thank you so much, great work! I will be working with you again in the future
John J. Mansky

Thank you very much for your services. I am very satisfied with the job that my editor has done on my book.
Looking forward to hearing from you and all the best.
Bojan Zecevic

Thank you very much.
In a few weeks I will send you more things to edit! Thank you again, and may God bless you!
Linda S. Vought
Office Manager & Sales Administrator
Quality Equipment & Parts, Inc.

thank you for putting this together in a way that I can make some changes to your changes and will eventually be able to pull this all together. You are doing a great job and I appreciate the help.
Terry Williams



I just had time to read through the document you have edited. It is amazing the way you edited it. You have done a superb job. I can't say enough by way of thanks. I will ask such kind of help a lot in the future. I have 4 scientific proposals to submit in this semester. I really like this service. It makes my life easier. I will use it a lot in the future for sure. I have also introduced this service to my friends working in the same university but different campus. Thank you so much for your kind help.
Tieli Wang

The editing work you’ve sent me is absolutely excellent. Thank you very much for your unbelievable fast response.
Karol Nickler

Thanks for the compliment. The adventures of Ms. Kelly will be in three episodes. When they are ready to be edited I hope you will be the one to do it. I am self-publishing the book through Trafford Publishing house. They would like the name of the editor for the forwarding page. They want to give credit to the editor, would you like for me to use your name as the editor. It should be in print within eight weeks.
Thanks again
Calvin Dirickson

Thanks a lot. My supervisor said she would ask everybody in our group to send their articles to you if the reimbursement is proven workable.
Yiling Qiu




I liked what you did.
Emile Edelman

Thank you for your time. From what I see, it's an excellent proofread, and I will use your services again, especially for my website.
Richard Saporito

Thanks for your assistance. Have a wonderful year.
Johnny Johnson

Thanks so much! I look forward to reading my improved manuscript.
Amber Pawlik

Thank you very much for the very encouraging words. Your kind words made me feel I have achieved the level of interest I had hoped for.
Andayi Mushenye



Many thanks for the brilliant job on the editing – much appreciated!
Linda Hallcross

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and please thank Gina for the good and hard work.
Peter Tjim

Thank you so much, great work! I will be working with you again in the future
John J. Mansky

Thank you for your work on my site, it is greatly appreciated. And an even bigger "thank you" for your kind words in regards to the site...
Kind regards,

Thank you for amending my personal statement. I am very great full. and thanks for wishing me good luck. I definitely need it.
Best regards
Sahar Alsabbagh




Thanks for helping me to edit my report. I will certainly recommend your service to everyone for a good editing job.
Happy Holidays
Nadereh Afsharmanesh

Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciated that.
Best Regard,
Hjh A.B. Suria

Dear First Editing, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR DOING SUCH AN AMAZING JOB, you make me look like a professional. I will recommend your service to everyone and will continue to use you time and time again.
Sincerely Yours Jason Frew
Sydney, Australia

Thanks... I appreciate your comments and found them very helpful.
Bob Anderson

Thank you very much for the fast edit, I look forward to doing business again.
Chris Vaughn

Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. Your company will definitely be credited with the final product.
Captain Reggie Reese

I am really happy to interact with you, your team and your company.
Ricardo Lopes



Thank you so much for the super-quick completion! I am quite satisfied with a job well done!
Rick Peterson

I could not thank you enough for a job well done! My paper looks good and making more sense than it was before. I will definitely refer my sister to make use of your services. I cannot help smiling at the paper, great job and service. And yes, the attached document went straight the spam folder. Thanks for advising me to check spam mail. I will make use of your service for my research proposal and thesis. Once again, thank you.
Ina Asino

Thank you for returning the edited manuscript. My impressions of your service overall are I have to say positive. So thank you.
Rob Ryles

That is so sweet. Thank you and thank you for the quick response.
Jill Gonzalez

And you completed my project just fine.. thanks.
Robert Anderson

Thank you very much for proofreading my text.
Frederic Tremblay

Thanks for the work, that is exactly what I need. :)
All the best.
Yu Fu




My professor seems happy with the editing. If there are any more things that have to be changed I will keep you posted. I want to thank you once again for everything. I am sure I will be using you again.
Dr. Nancy Connolly

Thank you for your kind words, it took me over one year to write this. If I ever write another book, I will definitely request you to edit it as you did a wonderful job. You brought life with an easy flow to read. Thank you very much.
Dave McGowan

Thank you so much for your hard work, I have edited based on your edit and am extremely happy. You have done an excellent job for me. I shall be sure to thank you in print if I am ever published.
Vicky Grovenor, UK

Thank you for the email that informs me that you sent me an edited document. I did receive the document and used it to finalize the letter. I noticed that you carefully read through the letter to fix all grammatical mistakes and provided kind comments that suggest how I can improve the letter further. In fact, there were no grammatical mistakes in my original letter. I was very glad to confirm that my original letter was grammatical error free. After reading the edited letter, I became confident about my writing skill. I am impressed with the comments that you provided to suggest how the letter could be more efficient and professional. I was able to revise the letter further following you comments. It is sometimes difficult for me to identify errors and mistakes in my article because I am just thinking that such sentences are supposed to be written like that. Thank you for your assistance in completing the letter. Since I confirmed your editing skills, I would give you more editing projects in the future.
Sung Koh



I received the final proof. I am very pleased with the result and will be using this service again. It was just want I wanted.
Thank you.
Joanne Williams

I would like to say a big thank you to my editor for the brilliant job she did on my manuscript. I know a lot of work must have gone in to it to bring it up to publication standard and I appreciate all the advice she gave me. I would gladly recommend your team to colleagues and family and I will most definitely be sending you my next novel which is currently in progress at the moment for editing. So a very, very big thanks to the whole team at the
Regards Nikki Williams

This has been a great help to me. I really appreciate the work you do as I become blind to my own work after a while, and I just don’t see my mistakes. Also, I’ve been learning when to use commas in between what types of clauses. :) Thanks again, and I’m sure that I will have some more work for you down the line.
Best regards,
George Huhn

Hi to all of you, You made my work worth looking at and reading. Bravo to my editor. What you guys do in less than a month for a script, took others two years.
Best regards.
Tahar Ghoul

I am very satisfied with the work you have done for me!! I think the editor working on my application package is N and I would like to express my special appreciation to her. If we can expect such consistent high quality help and professional advice from you, and if it works with you, I would very much like to recommend our friends to seek your service. Please let me know if it is ok with you. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Blair Hu


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