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Client Reviews
“I appreciated the professionalism and personal communication”
“Great prices! Professional and friendly.”
Ronnie Valrico, USA
“I love working with Lee Ann! All of the above. Since Facebook rejected this book, because it didn't fit their policy, it is refreshing to see it accepted this way. Every word is true and experienced. Thank you for the opportunity to have it honored like this. ...”
LaVonne Schertz, USA
“You hold appointments.Punctuality at its best You read between the lines and make all the necessary modifications.”
Tsegezeab Sandnes, Norway
“Free sample editing was great. I am a fledgling author and totally new to the editing arena. I learned a lot with that sample, and chose to have FirstEditing edit my manuscript as a result. I also liked that my editor, Dr. Michael, went beyond the basic grammar correction ...”