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Technical Copy Editing is your ideal choice during the final revisions of your research. It is recommended only if you are fluent in the English language. Technical Copy Editing corrects your grammar and improves the organization, style, readability and tone of your manuscript. Your Technical Copy Editor provides you with valuable editorial insights, corrections, remarks, suggestions, and explanations throughout your manuscript.

Your work is important and you simply can’t afford NOT to have each sentence written perfectly. Meet your deadline by enlisting our technical thesis editing services.

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The true beauty of the technical copy edit is in the little details that can be stumbling blocks to research success or professional publication. In a technical edit, your editor closely examines your citations and references, ensuring they adhere to your style guide.

Order a Technical Edit as your LAST REVISION

Order a Technical Edit as your LAST REVISION before submitting publicly or distributing your manuscript.

What is Included in Academic Technical Copy Editing?

  • Enhancing and correcting your English language
  • Formatting to journal style guidelines (e.g., APA, MLA)
  • Fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Improving and remedying word use
  • Eliminating jargon, repetition, and redundancy
  • Reworking sentence and paragraph structure
  • Verifying style and terminology consistency
  • Correcting citations and reference format
  • Providing a final proofread and quality check
  • Using Tracked Changes to show all modifications
  • Reducing up to 10% of your word count as necessary
  • Issuing a free Editing Certificate upon request
  • Discounting re-edits by 50%
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Technical editors for YOUR required style guide

The professional editors at First Editing are experienced and familiar with all the major style guides: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc. While some basics are similar in each, there are also slight differences: for example, in APA style, a parenthetical citation would look thusly: (Smith, 2009). In Harvard style the same citation would be: (Smith 2009).

Professional editors properly arrange your reference material. We ensure direct quotes appear with proper citations and all sources in the text are properly written and included in your reference section. (Note: we will NOT write your paper.) Please include your complete instructions, chosen style guide, and writing concerns when submitting your document for editing.

Do you need professional feedback?

Our editors also serve as commentators on your work, pointing out areas that seem weak or especially strong. They indicate where citations are missing or needed.

Technical editors ask questions where your answers help clarify a confusing passage. It is better to have an editor make these types of comments than your committee!

Do you need formatting?

A final “plus” of technical editing is that it includes a degree of formatting. Our academic editors won’t place your charts and diagrams or generate your reference list. However, they will make sure your margins are correct, your references are formatted as they should be, your line spacing is consistent, and your headers and footers are placed properly.