7 Traits for Victory, Expanded Edition

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Author: Sophia, USA

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Editor: Vonda

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I expanded the original version of my book and wanted a professional editor to tweak the issues I had with grammar. Vonda did a great job.
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A short introduction

Turn your defeats into victory, with this powerful and audacious book of self-mastery, self-regulation and self-development. Control the domains of your life by following the problem-solving steps and processes presented. It's time to unstuck yourself from the bottom or get our of your comfort zone that have kept you unchallenged, unprepared and weak. Ultimate victory is yours for the taking!

Author: Sophia

I started having a relationship with the word victory after listening to Joyce Myer's CD "Thinking your way out of Bondage." She said that you are to speak victory into your life. I didn't know how to do that, because at the time I was a struggling self-employed professional desperately trying to hold my head above water. Something about what Joyce said though, resonated with me, so much so that became to compartmentalize what victory entails. From my findings, I began to speak about, write about and teach the principles I've learned over the years to high school students, self-employed professionals and individuals looking to untangle the knot of defeat and failures they're experiencing in their daily lives. I am a personal development trainer who helps men and women turn their defeats into victory.

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