A Twin’s Redemption

edited by FirstEditing.com

Author: Yassy, Australia

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Editor: Michael

Author’s review

The editor was good at proofreading and finding any final mistakes that might have appeared in my book.

I hired FirstEditing.com because I have used this service a few times before and have always been happy with the results.

It is definitely a professional service to use!

What did I gain? A finished and polished product!!!

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Author’s review

A short introduction

After discovering a dramatic secret from a little blue book, two red headed twins -Mildred and Angelica- embark on an adventure to find redemption, love and freedom. Their lives are based in a prison inside of their own home. Their parents do not care. There are bullies everywhere. Will these twins be able to save each other and others from such a terrible magical madness?

Author: Yassy

I was only 18 years old when I self-published my first book. I was 19 when I self-published my second. All of my books go through a round of editing/copy editing with one person and then a round of proofreading with another to ensure that all novels are published in the best condition possible. I am a writer of general fiction and young adult fiction novels. My novels contain fantasy, adventure and romance elements. I enjoy reading these types of books too. I am currently studying to be a primary teacher in an Australian university. I am a true blue 'Aussie.'

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