An Undying Testimony: Keeping My First Estate

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Author: Keela, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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I liked that Lee Ann was honest with me in her comments about my work and made great suggestions. I liked that she was very informative on why she was changing certain sentences. I also appreciate that permanent changes weren't made until after I approved of them.
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A short introduction

This is my story of miracles witnessed and life lessons learned from going through the different experiences of having SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), also known as Lupus. It hasn't always been easy, but knowing and having the truth about God and his plan for my life has made it all worth it and endurable! Even in the midst of trials of pain and heartache, you can still have peace and joy that only comes from a divine power, even the Lord Jesus Christ, who loves us so much. You will see as I share experiences, sensitive feelings, and thoughts over the years from my journal how you can mature spiritually and grow close to the Lord when we allow him to lead us.

Author: Keela

Originally from Chicago, Keela Jackson resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves spending her time with family, serving others, playing the piano, and writing. She has been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for twenty years. In 2003, while serving a mission for the church in the Fiji Suva Mission, Keela was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. Despite her physical trials, she continues to stay her positive self and focus on being happy and living out her dreams. A dream that’s been dreamt since a little girl, Keela is happy to present to you her first book, An Undying Testimony. This book speaks of her love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how she overcame many of her challenges with having Lupus by leaning on her love for the Savior, and trusting in His love for her.

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