Another Heart to Another

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Author: Annette, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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I was impressed with the whole process of services provided. I especially like the level of professionalism and relationships developed.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

Another Heart to Another is so vivid that one can feel each tear, laughter, comfort, love, and inspiration shown to persevere through the journey of life. It expresses words and thoughts that cover the whole spectrum of the emotional colors of our lives and relationships, as well as our personal spirituality. Readers will be in agreement and encouraged as they are filled with confident to move toward a fulfilled lifestyle.

Author: Annette

Growing up in Houston, Texas, Annette began writing poetry at a very early age. Her ability to express herself in that form of writing led to her first book of poetry, One Heart to Another and later her second book of poetry, Another Heart to Another. Her work has been featured in many collections of poetry, published worldwide by Noble House, The American Poetry Society, Poetry Nation,, Quill Books, Xlibris, and Eber & Wein. Writing has always come naturally to her, so once she achieved her goal of writing her first book of poetry, Annette went on to write her first novel, Good Kid in Trouble. She plans to move on to different genres as she continues to do what she enjoys most. Her expressions of faith, joy, pain, and love are what encourage her to keep writing and connecting to people on different levels.

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