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Author: Vinod, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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Fast, accurate work and an excellent value! I got a lot of helpful feedback and even compliments. While my work didn't require much editing, I had the assurance of having a professional edit at a great value.
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A short introduction

This book is a unique spiritual and philosophical action adventure. It is a modern retelling of the classic Indo-Greco kidnap myths which transcends space and time. A concise and well-crafted story, it is full of poignant metaphor and endearing characters. Readers will embark on an insightful journey into a character testing a forest of symbolism, foreshadowing, adventure, and poetry. The narrative makes many moral examples, but ultimately conveys the importance of fulfilled female potential.

Author: Vinod

Vinod Gootam is a Christian American of South Indian birth and heritage. He grew up in a small town in rural Arkansas and eventually moved to Florida after extensive world travel and graduated with a degree in legal studies with a communications studies minor. He is passionate about the protection and conservation of the planet and its resources and is an avid gardener of tropical fruit trees and orchids. Gootam is a small business owner, author and entrepreneur.

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