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Author: Aralyn Kraft, USA

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Editor: Michael

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Dr. Michael did a fabulous job editing for me. The kindness and professionalism is great. I actually feel as though the person editing my manuscript cares about what I wrote. I love the feedback and will be continuing with the services.
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A short introduction

In a secluded cabin deep in the woods, Raven has lived most of his life sheltered and content to hunt side-by-side with his best friend, Sebastian, far away from so-called civilized society and all the darkness that brews within. Parts of this world aren't kind to half-elves, nor any sort of magic. In the forest, Raven and Sebastian can find peace and avoid all those who would persecute them. That is, until Sebastian's mysterious death. With his beloved home destroyed and only a magical"”and perhaps deadly"”book to guide him, Raven must set out on a journey to understand the book's cryptic prophesies of war and assassination in a faraway land.

However, Raven is not alone in his quest, and soon he finds himself traveling with a Healer whose talents conflict with his pacifist morals, a promiscuous and self-destructive mage, and a lore priestess with a secret she's determined to keep quiet. Incredibly outnumbered and with the clock working against them, the four must fight to stop the impending massacre of an entire kingdom, defeat a secretive foe, and save thousands of innocents from a terrible fate. But as it turns out, all this has happened before...and last time, they lost. With threat of failure urging them on, it won't be long before the past catches up to them. Can they change the course of history or will time run out and leave the world forever scarred?

Author: Aralyn Kraft

Two mottos I work with, "If there's a serious bone in your body, break it," and "Before the beginning of great brilliance, first there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must first look foolish to the crowd. - I Ching" I may not be able to write while working a job whose hours fluctuate daily, but my mind is always multitasking. Constantly paying attention to the people and world around me to listen to how real conversations play out, watching facial expressions, observing the colors of the sky, always taking mental notes of appreciation for everything and every nuance. I'm always happiest waking up on the right side of the dirt.

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