Broken Heart

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Author: Martha, USA

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This is my second time utilizing Overall the editing service has been great. Dr. Michael was very thorough and looks at the most minute things that one may miss. This will produce great quality reviews. An addition to Dr. Michael the entire staff is very professional, helpful, answered all my questions and responded in a timely manner.

I was happy and satisfied with the services provided the first time

to produce a book that everyone will enjoy reading as much as I loved writing it

I'm looking forward to the same experience like my first book.

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A short introduction

What is the nature of true love? How far must we go to vanquish our demons? Is happiness possible?

Broken Heart faces such questions squarely, and comes back with an unflinching portrait of lust, longing, loss, and the essence of the human spirit that toils in their midst.

From the esteemed author of the heart-wrenching novel Broken Pieces comes the next instalment in the same series: Broken Heart. Broken Heart picks up the story of Rick Owen, following him through the euphoric heights and plummeting depths of his life's struggle with sex addiction and alcoholism. Losing Abby, his brother Scott, and his ex-wife Betty Cox all in one year, he faces a seemingly insurmountable challenge, but with courage and determination he battles on. Will happiness continue to elude Rick, or will he find it in the end? Broken Heart will appeal to readers with a passion for drama and romance, and those who enjoy fiction filled with vivid and engaging characters and suspenseful plot.

Broken Heart is the second book by author Matha Perez, following her highly acclaimed Broken Pieces.

Author: Martha

Martha Perez enjoys reading, writing, long walks. She lives in California with her husband Sal Andalon and their dog Sugar Bear. she has a son, a daughter and two granddaughters. And is working on her third book coming soon "Broken Dreams"

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