Broken Pieces

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Author: Martha, USA

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Editor: Michael

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What I like about having a professional editor review my story was that Michael, my editor, made it greater. The communication was so awesome and the price was reasonable. What I achieved was quality and professionalism and now I am ready for publishing. I would truly use them again and again. I am very happy. Thank you for your help and outstanding services.

Martha Perez

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A short introduction

From a broken home, dysfunctional family and physical and emotional abuse, Abby finds herself in a bad marriage with two sons. It seems like she'll never escape from the cycle of violence and degradation she's been stuck in for as long as she can remember. But with strength of will and determination, she makes a place in the world for herself. All that's missing is a man to share it with"”and then two come along, bring with them ghosts from her past and forcing her to make a decision on which all her future happiness depends. What will she choose, and will the choice be the right one?

Author: Martha

Martha Perez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She now lives in West Covina, CA with her husband, Sal Andalon, and their dog Sugar Bear. She is a high school graduate, and has a son, a daughter, and two granddaughters. Her hobbies include reading, writing exercise, and long walks. Broken Pieces is her first book, and is an accomplishment of which she is very proud.

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