Caging Curiosity

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Author: Tayo, USA

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The level of professionalism displayed by all the members of staff that I interacted with was quite unexpected, it was off the charts.
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A short introduction

In the Sixteenth-century multi-racial African town of Idumagbo, there existed religious and racial harmony. There lived a young peasant who became literate as a result of the travails of her once-enslaved grandmother. This is the story of their battles, triumphs, tragedies, and how a once vibrant, tolerant, and curious society came to be eclipsed

Author: Tayo

Tayo Olajide, born in Ibadan, Nigeria, a sojourner, inventor, engineer, and oral historian, trained and worked as a software engineer in the USA. He lives in Texas, the USA, with his wife and two children.

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