Circumvolution of Qi

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Author: John R Crary, USA

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Editor: Joanne

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Since this was my first attempt at authoring a Science Fiction novel, it was a real

education. I found the services very helpful, the instructions very adequate, and

my editor/proofreader feedback very relevant and helpful.

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Author’s review

A short introduction

LIFE IS A DAILY CIRCLE OF RENEWAL, but for Robbie Bohn and his family, their lives revolve around Robbie's autism. At eighteen, he has never spoken a complete sentence, but yet underneath, there is a great mind trying to reach out from the private prison in his head.rnrnEncountering a force that expands his perception of the world around him, Robbie ventures into a timeless realm of unlimited possibilities. Revisiting his childhood with a fresh mind, he learns what it means to be a functional human.rnrnDismayed by what is happening to Robbie, his family feels like they have a stranger in their house. Trying to support the person they know, they soon start encouraging the person he is becoming. Maturing right in front of them, they witness a transformation like none other in human history, not knowing that it will forever change their lives.rnrnDriven to find answers, Robbie explores this new realm to question the birthright of what it means to be human. Living in two worlds that sometimes mingle, he discovers that life in the real world is impossibly complicated and that he has the regency to understand and change what he sees.rnrnProwling the unknown reaches of his convoluted world, Robbie discovers the source of his unique abilities. It is a chaotic future of wonder and pain, with consequences far beyond anything he could have ever imagined. To survive, he will need to expand his mind into unthinkable dimensions of the quantum universe. It is a challenge worthy of a superhero, and now, his responsibility as a mortal human being.

Author: John R Crary

Having been a fan of science fiction and an advocate of the scientific community, my hope has always been for an enlightened future. But like most people, I too fear the unknown and what might lead us into something flawed, or worse. The possibilities for good and evil are endlessly unpredictable, both now and for future generations. My intent is to give the readers an altered vision of those possibilities in a fanciful story and to challenge them to understand the problems facing us from a very different perspective. Perhaps by laying the challenges out upfront and laboring to clarify the villainy, we can gain insights and learn from the hypothetical. Always knowing that sometimes hard choices are necessary and there will never be a consensus of minds.

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