Crazy Pharm Wildest Customer Stories

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Author: Mr. Pills, USA

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FirstEditing and my editor, Vonda, did a wonderful job editing my book. I felt like they gave me my moneys' worth by finding and correcting my grammatical mistakes, overall improving the quality of my book. They were very fast and professional and turned my 10,000 word ebook around in 2 days.
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A short introduction

Do you like reading about dumb people doing crazy things? If you do, "Crazy Pharm: Wildest Customer Stories" is the perfect book for you.

From the creator of the pharmacy blog Mr. Pills' Pharmacy Hub comes a book about some of the wildest customers that pharmacists have dealt with in retail pharmacy.

Journey into the world of retail pharmacy with 80 hilarious short stories: a world where people are not that bright but always think they are right, and where the word patience doesn't exist. A world with druggies coming up with some not-so-clever schemes to get their fix. A world where people think throwing ice cream in your face is an acceptable way to get your attention. A world with a new twist at every turn--just when you think you've seen everything, someone always finds a way to surprise you.

Author: Mr. Pills

I am a licensed pharmacist whose hobby is writing. I normally write about humorous situations I deal with while working as a pharmacist. I have currently written 3 books that are for sale on "Crazy Pharm: Wildest Customer Stories," "Fun Pharmacy Games," and "100 Dumb Questions People Ask Pharmacists and What the Pharmacist Really Thinks."

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