Dream Quest: A Seeker’s Guide to Finding the Purpose of Being

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Author: George, USA

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Editor: Allison

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Hi Heather:

Yes, I got the document, and I could not have asked for a better editing job. I am working on it this morning and will be for some days to come. I must revise the ending, add chapter titles, and make quite a few changes. You made some excellent pickups, and the project will prosper because of your fine efforts. Very pleased!


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Author’s review

A short introduction

This book is about a series of highly unusual lucid dreams that foretell the future and delve into the nature of being. The dreams actually happened, and they were probably caused by a brain anomaly. The dreamer felt both cursed and blessed, and the gift that allowed him to find a path to God's door eventually began consuming his mind. His brain slowly atrophied and his memories are now fading. However, he managed to record his visions long ago. They are presented in vivid detail, and leave a message that might change your life. The text is written in the form of a dialogue that includes the reader. Some of the dreams and visions are deeply disturbing and they will leave you contemplating what your responsibility to our species is. This is far more than a book about spirituality or morality. This is a quest for purpose.

Author: George

Dr. Justan A. Mann has a very eclectic work, personal, and academic history, with his research interests running from pre-Socratic philosophy and religious studies to the neurosciences. He has been a custodian, upper-level scholar, teacher, drug addict, weight lifting coach, writer, bouncer, and much more. He has authored numerous articles, essays, and books, and even a scientific text book that examines the neurological basis of communication. But mostly, he is a dreamer, as his recent texts demonstrate.

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