Echoes From The Shores of The Arabian Sea

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Author: Shobha, Canada

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Editor: Lee Ann

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I had contacted the publishing company, BookBaby, regarding the publication of my book. Their consultant advised me to get my book edited by any professional editing service and he sent me a link where I found FirstEditing. I chose you guys because I had read some good review about your company somewhere on the net. And am I glad I chose you!

My personal editor, Lee Ann, has done an excellent job editing my book Echoes From the Shores of the Arabian Sea. When I completed my book I was confident that my book needed no professional editing. Me and my ego! Once I received the edited copy of the book I realized that I made the right decision by submitting my work to you guys at I was told by your customer relations department that the editing job would be completed within a week. To my delight I received the edited copy one day earlier than the promised date.

My editor has done an awesome job, going through every word and adding punctuation marks at the right places, providing a better word wherever needed and most of all, giving me her personal opinion about my work, and all these, without changing my style of writing! I was not aware that editing companies took such pains to improve the manuscripts.

Lee Ann has done an amazing job. Congratulations for being the experts in the field. I will surely recommend you guys to my friends and relatives.

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Author’s review

A short introduction

Shobha Alva tells the story of her life as a little girl living in a big house with her parents, seven siblings, lots of cousins and other relatives in a small town in India on the shores of the Arabian sea. She also shares with the reader her turbulent adolescence and her beautiful life as a teacher adored by little children.

Author: Shobha

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