Eternal Knights of Eden, Volume 1: Guardians

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Author: Alexander, USA

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Editor: Jefferson

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Jefferson was able to take what he said was already good and condense it into a more readable and less redundant form without losing the voice of the author who wrote it.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

Set in a high fantasy world of my own creation, the story follows the adventure of Shaide Darkmoon as he grows from a child into one of the saviors of the world. Amari Tamiel is a young Elmeri girl who is bullied for her unusual appearance, but she becomes strong and seeks to save the world from the evil to come.

3000 years ago, the world of Eden barely survived a great war with a celestial invader. Now, this evil is beginning to reawaken, and our heroes must stand against it as they uncover a secret that will shake Eden to its core.

Author: Alexander

I am a simple suburban man from central Oklahoma. I was raised in a small home and attended a mid-level high school. Growing up, I never had much of an attention span. I had a vivid imagination and a high intelligence, but I was bullied severely for being different. I developed a troublesome pattern of behavior, and tended not to do my work in school. I certainly never would have thought I would be a writer. Once I was an adult, I discovered a fondness for anime and fantasy video games. I started playing text-based role playing games with my friends, and discovered a talent for story creation. One day, I changed from games and started writing a story, and discovered I loved it. It has been my life ever since.

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