Experimentations Implementing Monotone Systems Theory in Bargaining Games, Data Analysis, and for Cosmological Speculations

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Author: Joseph, Denmark

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A short introduction

In the present collection of articles focusing on the Monotone (or Monotonic, MS) System phenomenon, we introduce a Totality of lists, any of which is characterized by numerical credentials possessing monotone (monotonic) property. Credentials are increasing or decreasing along with the partial order of lists by inclusion that reflects credentials' dynamic nature obeying the property.

Credentials are assigned to each element in a sub-list chosen from the Totality (the main representative) List, henceforth referred to as the Grand List. The Monotone Systems phenomenon formalizes and generalizes the intuitive notion of ordering, sequencing, or arrangement of items in lists of various types. The theory was first developed by the author in 1971, and was subsequently further enhanced, resulting in its publication in Russian periodical of MAIK in 1976. The English version was originally distributed by Plenum Publishing Corporation.

Author: Joseph

Danish citizen, Estonian ID card Identification, 20 years experience working as System Analyst, Computer System installation expert, and Internet Communication Services adviser, Former docent at the Faculty of Economics (1979-1980), Tallinn Technical University, Estonia

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