Finding My Partner In A Jungle

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Author: Mammusa, Lesotho

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My personal editor, Lee Ann, was both professional and efficient with time management. She was also very motivating with her comments which drove me to continuously improve my work.

I hired FirstEditing because of its affordability and professionalism.

My biggest challenge before working with FirstEditing was the grammar. After their prompt services, my work was enhanced and reader-friendly.

And now, I have published my book on Amazon.

Thumbs Up to Lee Ann!

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A short introduction

In the year 2000, at thirty years of age, an involuntary "partner" rheumatoid arthritis forced itself into my life with unimaginable intensity.

Witnessing its effects from the very beginning, the doctors declared they'd "never come across a case like this before." Hearing this became the norm.

Explaining life with rheumatoid arthritis is an extensive process. This is because the effects of it do not end. They either get better or worse. Every bit of my human experience is infiltrated by rheumatoid arthritis; from every emotion to every action, this condition has stuck by my side.

While it may have been prevalent from my childhood, nothing can compare to the process of trying to live with it at its peak. From the way you open the door, to how you get into a car, or even carrying your newborn child, everything changes. This "partner" comes with loads of changes and uncertainties.

Accepting my fate has been my truest form of liberation.

Author: Mammusa

Adversities are a part of life, coming in different forms. Unexpectedly, mine came in a form of rheumatoid arthritis. But as they say, “every cloud has a silver lining.” After I had been trapped in the never-ending ride of rheumatoid arthritis, one day, I decided to write my story. Hence, the birth of ‘Finding my Partner in a Jungle’.

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