Finding Oasis

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Author: Vance, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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I most enjoyed how the representatives at FirstEditing returned my e-mails so quickly. When they began editing my book they told me when it would be fully edited and the name of the person doing the job. I had asked for someone with knowledge of the region I was writing about and they were more then happy to oblige the request. Lee Ann did a wonderful job. I also had contact with the editor to make sure we were on the same page when it came to the plot line and other aspects of my novel. It was a pleasure working with everyone there and the results far exceeded my expectations. I'm planning on using firstediting when I write my next book, without question.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

The book tells the story of a small Pennsylvania town that the government uses as a test site for a new drug meant to sedate the population. The primary use of this drug would be to use as a military advantage to war; however, unknown to the Government the town has a history of secrets in the ways of satanic rituals and human slavery. While the drug does work on 90% of the population and even cures many of the ill it also opens the doorway to heaven and hell. The towns people and strangers who arrive early on in the book must come together to fight the ways of evil and demons that have walked among them for over a hundred years. Their only saving grace comes in a the form of a fourteen year old girl they call The Light. The true question is will the towns people fight to keep their freewill or turn themselves over to evil to hide their own secrets with the promise of a true Oasis in a world that seems so devoid of hope and love. Answers can only be found in this new book trilogy Finding Oasis.

Author: Vance

My name is Vance R Farrell and I live in Allentown PA. I've written 2 short story/poetry books and a children's book. Finding Oasis is my first novel and because of it's size I've decided to break it down into smaller books to allow the reader the opportunity to sample the first book before investing in the others. I am currently working on continuing the series as I release parts I've already written.

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