Finding the Alchemist Within – Turning yourself to GOLD! A Journey through the Labyrinth of Self-Healing

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Author: Tony, USA

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Good day FirstEditing staff,

Yes, I received my fully edited document on time yesterday and I'm extremely pleased.

Every staff member I encountered along the way was very prompt to answer my questions, very helpful, and a joy to work with.

Having Jefferson as my copy-editor for this project was a dream come true for me. Not only does he have an interest and understanding of my genre, but he also had a genuine interest in making sure my message was clear, concise, and proper.

Cathryn, my co-author and I, have at present five more books in the wings to be written. FirstEditing, and namely Jefferson, will be on top of my list of contacts when they come around this spring.

I would like permission to mention you as my editor in my acknowledgements, and please advise me as to company policy of naming Jefferson within that acknowledgement.

Thank you all so much.

M any blessings


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A short introduction

This is a book about Energy, Work, and Healing. Anything that has movement has energy. Everything that has life has life-force energy. Energy Work is the manipulation of this life-force energy. Energy Workers are people who channel the inherent energy found in all living things into a place where it may be stagnant, blocked, or out of balance. There are hundreds of healing modalities around the world and throughout time. None are greater or lesser than another... it is all about intention and focus. When energy work is done with another, where the focus is selflessly on the recipient with the best and highest good for them, with harm to none, then it is the way of nature.


In this book, I use a few different modalities to explain concepts and suggested ideas that I have learned over the years.   Reiki, as any modality, is not learned from a book, CD, DVD, or webpage; it is learned by sacred tradition from teacher to student.  Reiki attunements are necessary to channel energy in a disconnected or empathetic manner. One may channel their own energy if not attuned to Reiki, which drains and creates energy attachments. This book is for those who have not been exposed to energy work and those looking to further their understandings. The energy work I teach in this book is an entity unto itself, a culmination of various modalities from around the world and throughout time. I call it "the Dragon's Way."


Reiki, or any other healing modality for that matter, is not a replacement for a healthcare professional. If you have a serious condition, or are under a doctor's care for a specific condition, seek professional guidance before considering energy work. Energy Work is a form of Complementary Alternative Medicine. A complement is not a replacement. Use with discretion and with the best of intentions.


This is also a book about Self-Healing. Self-Healing means taking on the responsibility and mindfulness to fully heal from whatever it is that inflicts you, be it a disease, a physical, emotional, or mental illness, health condition, or hereditary dysfunction. There is no one method of completely healing any condition by doing one particular modality. Full healing requires encompassing all realms of human existence: the full body and all of its intricately woven functions and systems; the mind, which includes memories, traumas, fears, obsessions, and pre-determined outcomes; and the spirit, by which I mean the energetic self, life force energy, chi, or prana.


How we got to the point of needing healing is also an important factor in healing. What have we fed our bodies? What toxicities and heavy metals have we exposed ourselves to? The fact that most conditions have come about through many years of abuse, neglect, or just unknowing exposure also means you must be willing to take the time to unravel, cleanse, repair, rebuild, and heal each layer. By doing this, you heal once and for all, unlike with modern medicine, which heals a symptom by hiding or masking it. If the underlying causes are not addressed, the original problem still exists and will resurface again.


This book will help you become aware of the total involvement in self-healing, including: creating a mindset to heal; accepting everything for what it is and allowing everything to be as it is; channeling your thoughts in a positive manner to heal yourself; knowing and believing that you can heal yourself; healthfully and naturally making your food your medicine; and taking back responsibility for your own healthcare.


Take a good look at a pharmaceutical ad on television, which spends ten seconds on what it can do for you and fifty seconds on all the side effects due to unnatural, synthesized chemicals. It's time to make our medicines from natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and flora, and create meals that address our needs "“ making food our medicine. This is a book about returning to what we have lost over the past 70 years, Original Medicine.


Author: Tony

Tony Damian   Tony was born in Gettysburg, PA, grew up and raised his family in Central CT for 45 years and has spent the past 10 residing in Central Florida.   Tony was a laborer with many different jobs through the 70’s and 80’s as a contractor.  Until that came to abrupt end in 1982 with a freak, near fatal accident left him with several discs, ribs and nerves damaged.  After 7 years of painkillers, muscle relaxers and multiple tests and scans; the neurosurgeons came back with the diagnosis that whether or not surgery was done he would be in a wheelchair and paralyzed from the waist down within 3 to 5 years.   This was unacceptable to Tony, he just had his third daughter and had way too many things to do still in life.  Thus started his quest for alternative healing methods.  Over the next several years he experienced many different types of energy healing modalities then eventually studied and mastered them as to be his own healer. •             Tony has Global Ancient Tribal experiences and research in healing since 1985 •             Usui Ryoho Traditional and Angelic Reiki Practitioner since 1998 •             Master/Teacher of Magnified Healing since 1998 •             Guided Meditation Writer/Leader since 1999 •             Medical Chi-Chung designed for the elderly and handicapped - Instructor since 2000 •             Master/Teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Traditional and Angelic Reiki since 2000 •             Graduated Florida College of Natural Health as a Nationally Certified, Massage Therapist and body-worker 2012 - Training included: CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, and Acupressure •             Master Practitioner of Usui Pranava Reiki since 2012 •             Advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner since 2012   We are in a paradigm shift of consciousness as we usher in the “Age of Aquarius.” We perceive the human potentials of the mind expanding to encompass the workings of the Universe. In doing this we also appreciate that we are an integral part of the cosmos, not just an insignificant life form. We are the conscious awareness of the Universe. Within this paradigm shift is one into “healthcare-consciousness,” by which I mean a change in how we care for our own health.   The old paradigm of allopathic or conventional medicine went like this: “Give me the surgery and the pills; I will not do the exercises or follow the diet. Just fix me.” We have become a society influenced by a thirty-second commercial, expecting results in one quick-fix bottle or a one-stop chop-shop to tuck, tie, staple, fold, or remove the offending non-behaving organ so we can fit into that bathing suit once and for all.   The new Healing Paradigm shifts to the alternate view that it is time to take back what is rightfully ours. Responsibility! We are ultimately the ones who are responsible for ourselves, not the healthcare professional who our insurance company says we need to use. We have become such a lazy society, trained by 30-minute infomercials to expect relief, results, and grandioso gains in just one bottle! As a society, there is far too much help available, and so we have become helpless. We are so intent on instant gratification we have become desperate… and with no personal responsibility for our own outcomes, we have become hopeless.   We can be our own healthcare providers with the help of chiropractic, homeopathic, naturopathic, and energy medicine, as well as exercise, bodywork, and emotional/psychological coaching. These are examples of Complementary Alternative and Integrative Medicine, or CAM, although the truth in this paradigm shift of consciousness would be to stop calling it CAM and call it what it is, OM – Original Medicine.   If you are tired of being told what your body’s destiny is, that there is nothing that can be done, or that it is all in your head.  Then you have come to the right place.  Let Tony share with you what he has discovered over the past 25 years… that you can be your own healthcare provider; in other words, heal yourself.     eBook Price: 9.99 POD Price: 15.99   Keywords: alternative medicine, chakra, energy healing, reiki, self healing, self help, weight-loss   Author: Tony Damian Contributing Author: Cathryn Smith

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