Inform Them, Reform Them, Transform Them: Empowering Adolescent, Teens, and Adults to Live A Better Quality of Life.

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Author: James, USA

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My editor, Joanne, was very prompt in getting my document back to me in the prescribed time. All the changes were clear and made the flow of my manuscript more powerful.

I have used FirstEditing for all my editing services and will continue to use it!

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A short introduction

The time has come when we as parents and leaders must take a stand and take back our children. Too many children are challenging authority and rebelling against the policies and set standards that were put in place for a reason. In this book, I am challenging every parent, teenager, and adolescent to hold him or herself to a higher level of standard than what this society is currently offering. This book is about teaching the young generation to respect authority wherever they find it. Let start to make a different today.

Here is an introduction to the book on Youtube.

Author: James

JAMES PUCKETT is a retired Chief Warrant Officer from the United States Army with over twenty four years of active duty service. He has worked for the past thirteen years with and around adolescents. The last six years has been as a school security officer in a public high school. James resides in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his wife Brenda. James holds a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling with concentrations in crisis intervention, and child/family brief therapy from Liberty Theological Seminary, Liberty University. James can be reached at 865 660-9965 or

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