Loved Ones Lost (Edgewater Curse – Book 1)

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Author: J. C. Everlyn, USA

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Editor: Vonda

Author’s review was amazing! Affordable pricing, astounding quality, professional and personal communication. Dr. Vonda provided everything I was looking for in an editor. The deadline was met ahead of time, and any questions or concerns I had were addressed within 24 hours or sooner. I would highly recommend to anyone!
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A short introduction

Bri didn't have it easy as a child growing up in a low-income household, but when she started college her life took a turn for the better in more ways than one. She met her soul mate, married him after graduation and started a successful career. Together they had a pretty good life for the most part with the addition of their five children. That is until loved ones were lost in tragedy after tragedy. Little did she know there was a hidden secret stemming from her bloodline; a curse that would plummet her family into the supernatural world. Leaving each of them with a story of their own to tell.

Author: J. C. Everlyn

J. C. Everlyn lives in Minnesota with her husband, the youngest of three daughters, two dogs, and a cat. Surrounded by what seems like endless winters, she has always enjoyed curling up next to a warm fire while reading fiction novels. This has inspired her with a dream of sharing many imaginative stories of her own.

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