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A short introduction

'MatthewMatics' is an analysis of The Gospel of Matthew from a non-preacher, but Christian, perspective. READ IT AND SEE SOME OF MY UNUSUAL CONCLUSIONS.

Author: William

JamaicaBill is the pen name of an American author, self-publisher, attorney and physician. He was born on the Island of Jamaica as a "Britisher", became Jamaican at island independence, Canadian while doing medical residency in Toronto and LEGALLY immigrated to the U.S. in 1975; is now a naturalized U.S. citizen. Bill has been a doctor for 47 years following in the footsteps of 'Dad & Grand-Dad.' (The three Williams have practiced medicine for a total of 103 uninterrupted years). Over the years Bill has penned a number of books which he is only now editing for publication. MatthewMatics was the first. Next (God willing) comes: 'The Serenity PLUS prayer', 'The Shut Your Mouth Weight Loss Diet', 'Rate Your Mate' (How to quit screwing up those relationships!), 'The Upside-Down Health Pyramid' ... and hopefully "The BillyBedtime" series of kiddie books to include 'Mobie McTooth.' /JB

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