Morning Zen: Empower Your Life by Transforming Your Mornings

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Author: Adrian, Panama

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Editor: Jefferson

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I enjoy and admire how Jefferson understood my needs, elevated the quality of my work and got the patience to put his magic into my manuscript. Without Jefferson, my book wouldn't be signed with a publisher. Always thankful to him and this company for making this dream come true.
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A short introduction

In this era of smartphones and 24/7 internet access,rnmost of us wake up and immediately dive into thernchallenges of the day, responding to messages, catchingrnup on the news and following up on our daily tasks.rnUnfortunately, this behavior turns us into “firefighters”rnof our lives, leaving us listless, scattered and stressed.rnAnd we forget to dedicate a little time in the morning forrnthe most important person in this world, which is you.rnThe powerful process of Morning Zen helps you takernback your mornings and start the day on the right foot.rnThrough clear and easy-to-follow steps, the methodrnshows you exactly how to establish the critical habitsrnnecessary to improve your health, energy, and attitude, tornpassionately pursue your goals and prepare yourself forrnthe day's battles.

Author: Adrian

Adrian Gonzalez is a telecommunications engineer with an MBA dedicated as a marketing consultant and mentor. After being co-founder of several companies, he lived in flesh what it is to manage stressful days. Within this journey Adrian was looking for a way to counteract this daily stress, balance his mood and focus into his goal, so he worked for ten years on the creation of a new concept, a mix of skills, habits, and disciplines. He discovered that if put together, they had the power to bring lots of benefits. Therefore, he proceeded by elaborating and developing a seamless and easy routine which everyone can choose to follow. So far, his morning routine has helped managers, CEOs, and businessmen who, while passing through difficult times like bankruptcies, separations, and life plateau, managed to find, once again, a happier balance in their life, empower into their goals, and embrace a new meaning of success.

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