My Honey and Me: The Story of the Love of my Life

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Author: Steven Mueller, USA

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When working on a new literary project, I always entrust my work to Dr. Vonda -- she's the best.
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My Honey and Me: The Story of the Love of My Life is the tale of two soulmates and best friends, Angie and Steve Mueller, who fell in love, married and defied unimaginable odds through their unparalleled devotion and commitment to one another. Together they endured multiple, severe illnesses, as well as the unrelenting, destructive efforts of many – and yet their bond remained unbroken. Individually, each of them was undoubtedly remarkable, but together as a team, they were nothing short of amazing. Through their shared highs and lows, their triumphs and tragedies, this is their story… rnrn(Proceeds from all sales benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society)

Author: Steven Mueller

Steven Mueller (1969 - )is an American publicist, author and businessman, who has written and published eight books to date, including The Germans of History (2000),Knights of the Deep (2004), Aces of the Luftwaffe (2006), The Wittelsbach Dynasty (2007), The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (2008), and his autobiography, Almost Famous (2010). In addition, he has released Obersalzberg (2014) and Cuzco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas (2015). He is currently working on an unrelated, personal work entitled My Honey and Me: The Story of the Love of My Life (projected release: March 2019). rnrnMueller lives in suburban Chicago with his beloved wife, Angie Rodriguez (1971 -); the couple was married in October 2004. He is also active in fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis research, and is the founder of Steven Mueller Expeditions, an adventure travel company. rnrnAside from being an author, Mueller previously worked as a celebrity publicist, serving as CEO and founder of Mueller Entertainment, an entertainment-based public relations firm with offices in Chicago and L.A.

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