Never a Choice but Always a Gift

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Author: Adam Que, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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My editor, Lee Ann, who worked with me was extremely professional, in-depth, always on time with the suggested corrections, and gave great feedback. Whether that feedback came through a knowledgeable critique or a witty light-hearted joke/pun, that feedback definitely gave me much needed confidence.

-I acquired the services of FirstEditing simply out of curiosity, to test and determine how good the service really is. What I discovered was an editing source that I can go back to without question. FirstEditing should be on the top of your list if you want a reliable, friendly, proficient editing source.

-Grammar has always been a pretty challenging factor for me, as I'm sure many others, while writing. Especially, when a story runs through your head like a freight train it's hard to keep up with those little grammatical details. FirstEditing cleans that up in a timely manner with respect to the story.

-As an independent author FirstEditing has helped me tenfold in terms of me sharing my writing artistry and taking myself seriously as a budding contemporary author and poet. Also, I can't say it enough, this process has given me much needed confidence to venture out into this industry, which can be very subjective and harsh at times as I'm sure you know.

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A short introduction

Max Kristoff, a man in his thirties who is living in New York, is about to come face to face with his past. When he walks into a house in Brooklyn, trying to connect with a person from that very past, he is plunged into a haunting situation. This situation sets him on a journey that will reveal---not only his character---but what lies in his heart and soul.

Will Max find what he is searching for?

Will he ever find closure?

Will he find himself along this journey?

Or will he die without every knowing the answers he's always been seeking?

Author: Adam Que

Adam Que was born and raised in New Jersey. Now living in Jersey City, NJ he is a contemporary fiction writer who's stories are very introspective. May they sometimes be comical, sarcastic, or in your face by nature they usually tell a truth, are heartfelt, and life-examining. Besides story telling he is an engaging poet, which is shown in his self published poetry book called P.L.E.A.S.E. Also an athlete who has competed in many sports including amateur MMA, he notes the fact that competing and working hard in athletics has helped him become a more disciplined and passionate writer. Even though fairly young and in the beginning of his writing career, Adam Que wants to share his artistry, and his authentic point of view.

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