Of the Flesh

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Author: Thomas, USA

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Editor: Joanne

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The friendly and helpful comments in the sample and the discount for the full edit was the deal maker. As a first time author, I found the whole process very helpful and encouraging.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

How Far Will You Go? In this rapture-meets-zombie apocalypse world, things are not as expected, or in some cases eagerly awaited. Gingers, the empty, soulless shells of raptured Christians, roam to and fro across an earth afflicted by fire, darkness, and disease, seeking whom they might devour. For almost four years, twins Sam and Rachel have braved all of these dangers together. Now they will have to face them, and the even greater threat of other survivors, alone.

Author: Thomas

Thomas Lockwood is a mechanical and aerospace engineer by profession with an ever-growing LEGO collection. He also enjoys stories about the apocalypse, space ships, and time travel. Sometimes he gets bored and random things happen. Of the Flesh is one of those things.

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