Oh No! I Gotta Go To The Dentist!

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Author: Dianne, USA

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A short introduction

When Lucy's mom tells her she has to make a visit to the dentist, Lucy doesn't quite know what to think. Fear and anticipation set in but soon disappear when she meets the Smile Squad: Minnie Mirror, Sammy Sippy, Explorer Eddy and Pearly Polish. They all help Lucy to understand how a visit to the dentist really is not something to fear, but is fun and magical.

Author: Dianne

Dianne Peterson has been a registered dental hygienist for over 20 years. One of her greatest accomplishments is when a child has a successful dental visit and they are eager to return for ongoing dental care. She believes with the "secret recipe" that all children can have a good dental experience. She created this book to share her 'secret recipe' with others

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