Panic Attacks: Calming the Storm

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Author: Brian Ludwig, USA

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A short introduction

Written for those who live in depression and anxiety, “Panic Attacks Calming the Storm: A Journey of Hope in a World of Anxiety” by Brian Ludwig is meant to help individuals “find the light” in the form of hope, peace, joy and contentment.

“Panic Attacks Calming the Storm” is an account of Ludwig's victory over panic attacks and anxiety. The book contains insights and information from his own experiences and from people Ludwig has met and counseled. Through this book, he seeks to help others overcome and defeat panic and anxiety disorders to obtain their freedom.

In the section of his book titled “Journey 1,” Ludwig shares his straightforward approach that set him and many others free. In the section “Journey 2,” Ludwig shares how he was determined to overcome spiritual confusion. As he yielded to know God, spiritual truths were unraveled that helped pave the way for him to obtain his freedom from panic disorder and, in the process, truly know the ways of God.

Ludwig wants his readers to take away “Hope that will lead to freedom. I want people to engage in this book with a confidence that just as I did, they can obtain deliverance from this oppression.”

Author: Brian Ludwig

Brian Ludwig was born in rural Pennsylvania and attended Penn State, where he earned a bachelor\'s degree in Human Development. He has a career in restaurant management and is now an owner of a large restaurant, Motor Inn and Retail establishment. Ludwig experienced his first panic attack in 1992. Afterwards, he began to write down his experiences and successes to share with others. Over the last 15 years, Ludwig has engaged in teaching several bible classes per week. Between work and bible studies he has been able to share his insights with many suffering from mental torment leading them to victory. The knowledge and firsthand experience obtained over the last 25 years is culminated in his debut book \"Panic Attacks Calming the Storm.\"

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