Paradigm Lost: Jamari and the Manhood Rites, Part 1

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Author: R. Roderick Rowe, USA

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Editor: Allison

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I am a fairly accomplished writer, having published a variety of works over a period of three decades. Having been an editor of a statewide magazine for five years, the editor of my college literary magazine, and copy editor of my college newspaper. In spite of all this, my editor found numerous issues of tense changes, Point of View shifts and any number of other heinous literary offenses.

I almost chose to publish without using an editorial service. The review I had from showed just how wrong that decision would have been! I will always use editing services for future novels!!

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Author’s review

A short introduction

In 2115, the world is a shell of what it once was. The United States has been through numerous famines, earthquakes, and floods, and portions of northern California and southern Oregon have formed their own states.

Prior to this collapse, a revered man known as the Founder had the foresight to see the state of his society and enough knowledge of physical systems that could be used to save a limited number from what he saw as an impending fall of civilization, thus he created a society in which men and women can live in harmony while adhering to humans' basic survival needs"”food, water, shelter, and procreation. Men and women are separated into separate Halls within the Elkhead Tribe, and those not part of The Tribe, the Outsiders, must learn to survive on their own.

Among those of The Tribe is Jamari of the Milltown Branch. After living in the Younglings' Hall for his entire life, he is now ready to embark on the journey of becoming a man. Within The Tribe's society, all candidates vying to become adults, and then citizens, must undergo rigorous training, both mental and physical, as well as abide by tribal laws. Jamari's mentor, Shane, has evoked a lust and passion that ignites a longing in Jamari that he never knew existed. Can Jamari learn to live by tribal code and abide by the Rule of Attachment? Can he perform his tribal duties for the betterment of the tribe and the society as a whole? As Jamari learns the ways of the tribe"”while exploring a deep understanding about himself and the world he lives in"”he must embark on his own personal journey of discovery about what it means to become a man.

Author: R. Roderick Rowe

R. Roderick Rowe is a gay man who has experienced some of the rougher roads involved with being gay in a small community. This book is almost a wish list of things he wishes he could have known/experienced/had access to while he was growing up 'gay.'

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