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Author: Agnes, Singapore

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Editor: Vonda

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Thank you for the awesome and professional copy editing service rendered by Ms Vonda. After reading through my book, I felt a sense of continuation. In the past, I would have stopped and felt a drag to continue reading my own writing. I thought if I can't even finish reading my book, how would I convince my potential readers to get started reading it?

It is a total relief, fantastic and joyful to have Vonda's edition. I am truly impressed with Vonda, taking full ownership of putting her soul into the book. I could sense her mind and soul wanting to make this book alive.

Thank you once again Kathy for being very flexible to my initial transaction with you.

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A short introduction

An Executive Guide to Exude Confidence and Distinction. Enhancing Professional Effectiveness provides tips and important concepts on contemporary business image, etiquette and wellness. Hone your inner awareness on your professional image grooming, predict business faux pas and build and maintain platonic relationships. Apply appropriate power and influence positive impression in this book. Package yourself and communicate your credible, authentic and presence to achieve a total well being from inside-out.

Author: Agnes

Agnes Koh is the Director and founder of "Etiquette and Image International". She is the recipient of the Promising SME 500 2014 Award by Small Medium Business Association (SMBA). Agnes is recognized across many industries to be a forefront leader on etiquette, protocol and wellness coach

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