Priority One — While You are Busy Taking Care of Everyone Else, Who is Taking Care of You?

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I appreciated everything about the process. However, if I had to pick a couple of things, I would choose professionalism and costs/prices.
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A short introduction

The purpose of Priority One is to highlight the magnitude and urgency of caring for yourself, which is intensely drenched in this book. It is shifting the focus on you and your needs. That may be uncomfortable at first, but from a health and wellness perspective, it is long overdue and now must become center stage. The ultimate takeaway is to reprioritize our mindset in core areas that may have been sacrificed and may be in need of a substantial boost.

When you think of the words "Priority One" from a health and wellness perspective, what does it mean to you? How many of us routinely place the needs of others before our own? In a 24-hour period, how many times do we forego activities that could positively impact our lives and promote longevity? In Priority One, Mary Perara asks the pertinent question, "While you are busy taking care of everyone else, who is taking care of you?" Mary then provides a friendly, but no-nonsense guide to making your health, wellness and happiness "Priority One" in your life.

Covering topics to include: It's Okay to Enjoy "Me" Time, Pushing the Help Button vs. the Resiliency Button, Declutter My Procrastination and Discipline When No One is Watching, Priority One is an excellent guide to self-care for today's overworked and overcommitted society. In chapters that read like you're talking with a good friend while walking on the beach, Mary outlines the significant steps to refrain from repeatedly putting yourself at the bottom of your list, guilt-free!

Author: Mary

Encouragement Author, Mary Perara is a Certified Health and Wellness/Nutrition Coach and a Certified Priority One Life Coach. She is also President/CEO of 365iNfusion LLC, a Health and Wellness Company. Several decades ago in the military, she recognized the need for individuals to reprioritize their lives and secure a healthier mindset. In today’s fast-paced industry, Mary continues to connect with her clientele through her passion, to insure they carve out time to maximize their purpose and exceed their Priority One lifestyle commitments. She is a Maryland resident and enjoys reading, jazz and spa day trips.

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