Prodigal Love?

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Author: Preeti Narang, USA

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Editor: Joanne

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The editor asked questions so I can make my story clear for the readers. She checked everything to the minute details. I had a wonderful experience.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

Samaira is independent and works in the IT industry. Due to Indian society beliefs about marriage, she is obligated to leave her well-established life in the UK and move to India. Meet her to know how her life turns upside down when she gets into a relationship and decides to marry the guy.

An eye-opener based on real-life events, that will leave you startled and perplexed. Straddling across different countries, the UK, India and the USA, a story of an Indian girl, Samaira and the love of her life. The challenges and turbulence they face from society and life itself. A depiction of the complexities of contemporary Indian society and its culture. A story of love, fate and destiny. Will they be together? Will there be a crime? A mystery? An emotional tale that will make you think and dig deep. A story that will leave you speechless.

Author: Preeti Narang

Preeti Narang is compassionate, zealous and creative. She has a Master's degree in Software Systems and has been working in the IT industry for 15 years. She is an Indian, currently residing in the USA. She loves to paint, dance, sing, travel, read, write, workout and do taekwondo. Her passion for writing has driven her to take up writing professionally recently.

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