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Author: Ezed, United Kingdom

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Editor: Vonda

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I really like the work Dr. Vonda has done for me. She gave me 100% of what I wanted for my manuscript. Everything was perfect, the editing and the deadline.

She also gave me a review that I was very grateful for, so thank you Dr. Vonda.

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Author’s review

A short introduction

Runnin' da miles is a story about a young man in he's middle 20s called Kingsy, he's a very passionate man and very ambitious, he has gone through various challenges in life including spending some years in jail with he's best friend called Michael. he had spent all he's time since he came out of prison working in construction site as a self employ with hopes to become somebody who he could one day look in the mirror with satisfactions; but the longer the days and months goe by with no plans working out, Kingsy's frustrations starts to grow and driving him away from 9-5 and back into the street in search for another way.

Author: Ezed

Hi guys, my name is Ezed, the author of Runnin' da miles, I have always have passion in writing as it is my favorite way to escape the world of stress and anxieties. I like writing about street life and portraying its hard living, the dangers and its consequences. I have been writing for some years now, developing and learning as I go but this is my first ever fiction book published and I'm very happy to see my work as I also hope that you'll enjoy reading it and leaving a review if you can, thank you and happy reading.

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