Secrets of Windwood

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Author: Jack, USA

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Editor: Vonda

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I loved the price compared to other services. This was less expensive and you got more bang for your buck. The deadlines given were followed and my editor, Dr. Vonda, was very helpful. She talked to me in layman's terms and was a pleasure to work with.
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A short introduction

In 1985, at the wedding of his brother, Simon, Joshua Lord witnessed his mother push Simon out of a third-floor window, believing him to be a werewolf. In the present, Joshua receives word that his father committed suicide and he must return to his ancestral home, Windwood. With his own family in tow, he must go home to face his ghosts while shielding his own from the tragic lineage that claims anyone with the last name Lord.

When his mother, Andrea, is released from the sanitarium and sent to live at Windwood, the darkness returns and everyone in the great house is placed in jeopardy. Their tainted past comes back with a vengeance as a curse uttered centuries ago casts its spell once more. Now, Joshua must act to protect them or become another victim of the Secrets of Windwood.

Author: Jack

Jack has published three short stories Children of the Night, Xavier\'s Tale, and Blood Curse. All three have appeared in the magazine Dark Gothic Resurrected. He has finished the novel, Secrets of Windwood, and is currently working on its sequel, Shadows of Windwood. He lives in Pennsylvania with his husband Tim, daughter Ashton, Bassett Hound Chloe, and cats Mia and Oliver

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