Sheep in Wolf Clothes

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Author: Tia, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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I liked the professionalism.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

Daddy's little girl, Kimora Ju-long Hu is multiracial, mix with Native American and Asian. Instead of tea parties and paper dolls, her pa is training her to fight, to kill. With the Chinese mafia chasing him, he flees the state leaving his family behind. They end up with no lights, heat, or food and the grandparents she never knew she had come to the rescue.

Forced to change her lifestyle, Kimora joins the school track team to escape her hurtful past. As she starts to find happiness, she discovers what kind of sinister person her pa really is. Naturally, she is angry but nothing compares to the anger that builds when her father returns back in her life only to kidnap her brothers and Grandpa. Using them as leverage, Kimora has no choice but to become his one-woman hit squad.

She is sent on deadly missions to help her father take over the dark underworld. As her fighting technique grows, people start to fear her. Sheep in wolf clothes, that's what her pa's henchmen, call her behind her back. She looks harmless enough; but they know she's a highly trained killer.

All she wants is her family back but in order for this to happen she has to kill her father.

Will Kimora reunite with her siblings and Grandpa, or will her father kill her before she can figure out a way to kill him first?

Author: Tia

Tia is an exciting young author who brings to life the pain of a teenager from a broken home in an adventurous and imaginative way that is sure to resonate with so many young people. She put her heart and soul into every word in this book. She had many struggles to get this book out but she overcame all obstacles.

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