Soaring Above The Flames

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Author: Ann Ansah-Grant, Canada

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Editor: Michael

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Michael made changes that didn't compromise my writing style but streamlined the flow of my ideas. I hired FirstEditing because they offered a free sample so there was no guess work regarding my personal editor's abilities.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

Fleeing the prying eyes of the media after a humiliating scandal, Selah Brown's outrageous grandmother, a former Jazz legend, unwittingly relocates Selah and her abusive mother to a demon infested rural town in the middle of nowhere. Both of Selah's matriarchs have severe substance abuse problems and denounce Christianity making life contentious as Selah is certain there is a God. Her declaration of faith echoes through hell provoking the evil demon commander, Anarchiam, to blow his battle horn. This commences a spiritual war in Selah's life that she is ill-equipped to fight. Enter an Evangelist named Ablle Shreeve who comes to spread the Gospel amidst great opposition from the town's corrupt officials. Will he become Selah's shining light in the darkness? Heaven rejoices at Selah's declaration and sends its own angelic army with swords forged in the fire of the Holy Ghost to protect this special girl who possesses an astonishing gift that could change the entire world...if she wins both the battle and the war.

Author: Ann Ansah-Grant

Ann Ansah-Grant is a Canadian author who has had an unwavering passion for the written word since she was a child. In fact, she started her own make-shift publishing company at the ripe old age of seven when she crafted a series of children’s books that were bound with staples, wool, and tape. While this is her first novel in print, she was a contributing writer for an on-line magazine and has had her poetry included in an anthology called The Silent Journey published by the International Library of Poetry.

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