Tears of a Father

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Author: Eng Cheng, Singapore

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I decided on engaging FirstEditing to help edit my work for epublishing because they are patient and answered all my queries satisfactorily. I also like their free sample editing which enables me to assess their work before committing. Editing corrected common errors and ensure that the final piece of writing is suitable for publishing. I would like to thank FirstEditing for helping me to publish my work.
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A short introduction

Not every baby is born normal. And if this happens to someone who becomes a father for the first time at the age of forty four, you have the novella Tears of a father. Tears of a father tells the story of Wong Wei and is set in Singapore. You will feel his pain and the heartache as he tries to cope with a child with a congenital disorder. In the end, it leaves you wondering "“ Is this murder? Or euthanasia?

Author: Eng Cheng

Yong Jing was born in Singapore in 1955. He is a semi-retired family physician. Writing is one of his hobbies. In his first novella, Tears of a Father, he has crafted a work which reflects his medical background.

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