Ten Days of Fall

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Author: Stephanie, Bahamas

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Editor: Michael

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My editor, Michael, did a wonderful job on my project. His editing surpassed my expectations. All of his suggestions were clear and precise. I accepted every change he advised. I am so glad that I chose FirstEditing to assist me with my novel, Ten Days of Fall. I will be using them in the near future and I recommend FirstEditing to any author out there looking for a reliable and professional editing service.
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Author’s review

A short introduction

When Symphony visits Atlanta for the first time with her best friend Monica and Monica's older sister Tira, she is excited and can hardly wait for everything they have planned for their trip. However, the trip goes nothing like she expected when she runs into the person she is completely infatuated with, Fall. Fall is automatically drawn to Symphony's naive Caribbean nature and Symphony cannot resist the charmer she's fantasized about night after night. Together they engage in a romantic relationship and Symphony experiences the highs and lows of being connected to a celebrity.

Author: Stephanie

Stephanie Christina is a former pageant queen and recent college graduate from The Bahamas. From an early age she took delight in writing short stories and poems. Stephanie always dreamed of becoming a world-renowned author and her dreams are finally coming true with the release of her first novel, Ten Days of Fall.

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