The Clashing of Two Swords

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Author: Renee, USA

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Thank you so very much! I am doing somersaults! I will tell ALL of my friends and WILL be using you again.


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Author’s review

A short introduction

It's Captivating! Uniquely written TRUE stories of light and darkness and what happens when their two swords collide. This book is for anyone with a problem, for the enemy launches attacks on our bodies, minds and our future but God shows up to overthrow his plans making for a mighty battle of good verse evil. There is a tug of war for your soul. Which sword will win? Step into these pages with me for an adventure like that of the Chronicles of Narnia. Just believe, for nothing is impossible!

Author: Renee

Renee was and born in Pennsylvania and accepted Christ at an early age. She was raised up in the Catholic Church and went faithfully, but desired to know God so much more. One day on the railroad tracks, Renee was walking and looked up in the sky and prayed “God if you are real, I want to know you!” She had no idea what that prayer meant at the time, but God took it seriously and turned her whole world upside down. From that point on Renee has had a serious hunger to read the Bible and become intimate with this incredibly mysterious God. She sees a Bible more than just a book on a shelf but she sees a sword that slices and tears down the enemy's strongholds. She has seen miraculous things come true before her very eyes with incredible signs and wonders as she prays. She is a public writer and has a unique way of bringing the simplest things in life into an edge-of-your-seat kind of experience through her writings. Renee believes that “Nothing is impossible if you believe.” She has had many dreams and visions that have come true. Along with that, God has gifted her to become and accurate dream interpreter. Renee is also a licensed minister and international speaker and teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mathew 25:29 says, "Whoever has and uses it, more will be given, and they will have abundance." This is what God has done in Renee, for the gifts have exploded in her.

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