The Colonel’s Vengeance – Book One of the Solar Savior Series

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Author: Lawrence, USA

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The free sample proved to me that they really looked at my novel before quoting. The cost compared to other services was very competitive, but what sold me was the very fast turnaround time they took to provide the sample review and quote.
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A short introduction

Never Return! Admiral Achilles Bruntrak has lived his entire life by these words. For millennia, most of humanity has lived in the far reaches of the solar system, driven from Earth by the Great Plague to survive in the controlled environments of spacecraft and moon bases. Every aspect of their lives is ruled by the iron fist of the solar governing Titan Administration. Sixty years ago all communications with the Administration's Earth controlling outpost ceased, and the subsequent missions to uncover the mystery vanish.

But when a message arrives from Keljun, self-proclaimed ruler of Earth, warning of a threat to all human life and calling for a summit, Bruntrak is named envoy by the Administration's prime minister. His job: to lead a diplomatic mission down to the planet's surface, a place that humans once called home but vowed long ago to never return.

With the help of his best friend, Doctor Shatoshi Nakasugi, the beautiful Doctor Deidra Danielles, the treacherous Colonel Konrad Wagner, and the enigmatic Shemaiah Singer, Bruntrak must travel to Earth, meet with its reclusive leader, and discover his true purpose for making contact after so many years of silence. However, powerful forces are at play, and not all are allies: the various evolution of post plague Earthlings, the secretive Watchers, and the shadowy Administration itself. At the end stands the mysterious Keljun, who may be the only thing standing between humanity and a terrifying foe from beyond...

Author: Lawrence

Having grown up in the Lower Hudson Valley, where he was raised on a steady diet of such tales as “Rip Van Winkle” and the “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” Lawrence T. Burgio is no stranger to both the dark and wondrous sides of storytelling. This early exposure to speculative fiction, combined with years of technical education, helped lead to the creation of The Colonel’s Vengeance and The Solar Savior series. In addition to writing fiction, Lawrence is an avid guitar player and former member of the band Downstate, co-creating the album What It Is. Though novel writing calls to his heart, the blistering electric mayhem and soul shaking rhythms of heavy metal have never abandoned his soul. Lawrence lives in Clarkstown, NY, with his wife and son, where he is employed as a design engineer manager for physical security systems. He is currently at work on The Father, The Son and The Holy Host, the second volume of The Solar Savior series.

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