The Death You Deserve

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Author: Jonathan, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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Lee Ann was great. Her corrections were spot on. Many of them seemed geared toward my writing style, as if she understood what I was going for and corrected me when I went astray. The book is better because of the work she did, and not just because of better spelling and grammar. The service she provided was indispensable.

Many of Lee Ann's comments regarding the content of the novel were also very encouraging. I appreciated that a lot, because she is the first person to read this final draft in completion.

I hired FirstEditing because of the quality and quick turnaround of the sample. I also appreciated the deadline guarantee and the pricing structure.

My specific challenge was not getting laughed out of the building for having a manuscript so riddled with embarrassing errors. Now the book can stand on its own merit, since readers won't be distracted by my embarrassing spelling and grammar.

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Author’s review

A short introduction

Several millennia have passed since the world was destroyed by cataclysm. Life remains a precarious thing, but there is hope. A prophecy states that years after the world was broken it would be mended again by the appearance of a little boy called the Blessed Soul. That time has come. The boy's destiny awaits. But where is he?

A young squire named Theel is sent by his king to search for the Blessed Soul. Once Theel completes his quest, he will be granted knighthood, but there is a problem. He doesn't wish to serve in the king's army, or to become a knight at all. Instead, he yearns for the freedom to choose his own path.

Theel's homeland is engulfed in war as nations send armies of soldiers, spies and assassins to fight for control of the Blessed Soul's future. Theel sets out on his quest reluctantly, but soon finds himself joining the battle, for he realizes he cannot control his own destiny unless the boy of the prophecies fulfills his first.

Author: Jonathan

Jonathan Techlin lives in Kaukauna, Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys reading, traveling, and following the Green Bay Packers. He is currently at work completing the second novel in the Wither the Waking World saga.

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