The Declaration of Transformation: Grounds for Immediate Constitutional Change

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Author: Jim, USA

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I had some people on Fiverr proof read parts of my book over the years of writing it. I also had a friend proofread parts of it over the several years it took to write it. But I felt I really needed someone to really do a good job reviewing the entire work.

FirstEditing caught some errors and made a few good suggestions on sentence structure.

I'm very happy with the results.

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A short introduction

The Declaration of Transformation, similarly to the Declaration of Independence, has listed grievances against our rulers"”in today's case, the Democratic and Republican parties. The mismanagement, corruption and violations against principles of freedom and liberty that have developed over the last 35 years in Washington, D. C. begs the citizens"”especially those of the younger generations"”to act like the Founding Fathers, and undertake the project of arranging and holding the first constitutional convention since 1787.

This book provides compelling reasons to hold a constitutional convention NOW. This book suggests deep and vital ideas for constitutional amendments that need to be considered by our "new age" founding fathers. It also lists flaws in citizens' thinking concerning out nation's financial state. It suggests specific mindset changes of the citizens that need to take place in order for this self-ruling Union to stay together.

The Declaration of Independence set this nation on a course to freedom and liberty; The Declaration of Transformation is meant to keep us there. The Declaration of Transformation could become the most important, most significant publication concerning self-rule since the Declaration of Independence. It should be on everyone's MUST READ list!

Author: Jim

James S. Sitnik has a wide array of interests and work experiences. He has spent eight years in the military as a weather observer/forecaster in the Atmospheric Scientific Laboratories section of the US Army. He has spent significant time working in the retail and mutual fund industries; and he worked as a freelance videographer after graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in filmmaking. He has been working in the computer industry for the last 18 years. Mr. Sitnik enjoys taking classes and reading about business management, leadership, economics, and music. One of Jim’s mantras is “Keep learning.”

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