The Hansen Clan: A Washington DC Adventure

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Author: Bjarne, USA

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Editor: Joanne

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I have to say that this is the most amazing feedback I've received on a book!! Your critiques and suggestions have given me loads to think about to enhance the story.

This is exactly what I need to help improve my story telling and future writings! I regret not finding you sooner. This is my third book and the two previous editors I've used have given me none of the in-depth advice that you've provided.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Author’s review

A short introduction

The Hansens look forward to a long trip each summer, usually an RV trip to explore the amazing sites in the U.S. This year's trip to Washington, DC, however, gives them more excitement than they bargained for.rnrn During a visit to Ford's Theater, the site of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination, siblings TJ and Hannah Hansen believe they witness someone steal something from the theater's museum. They try in vain to convince their parents and the park rangers of what they saw, but no one believes them.rnrn To discover the truth, they enlist the help of their two younger brothers and embark on a dangerous journey, which leads them through the back streets and alleys of our nation's capital and threatens their very lives.

Author: Bjarne

Bjarne Borresen is the author of The Hansen Clan series. The series portrays the adventures of Hannah, TJ, Noah and Eli Hansen as they travel with their parents during summer vacations. The first book, A Washington D.C. Adventure will be published in the fall of 2018 and be available at major book sellers and online. Bjarne is currently busy writing the second and third books in the series, entitled Ghost Town ​andTrouble in the Grand Canyon.rnrnBjarne lives in Chattanooga, TN with his wife Rachel. They have two grown children that have provided them with a lifetime of stories and adventures to draw inspiration from.

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