The Neo-Spartans: Altered World

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Author: Terence, Canada

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Editor: Michael

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We are pleased with you editor's corrections, additions and changes. This is a young adult novel that we hope to sell to a publisher. If we do we'll let you know:)
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Author’s review

A short introduction

17 year old Quinn's only family is her delinquent brother Gabriel, and even on a good day she wishes she were an only child. They are Neo-Spartans, the hard-working, hard-training minority of a strangely divided society. On one side are the Eugenics, who have swapped their organs for genetically designed ones to process the abundance of modified foods, and on the other are the Neo-Spartans, who live by the laws of nature: they grow their own and train like warriors. When the Eugenics start dying at age 30, and her brother Gabriel disappears, Quinn sets out to save him, and in the process exposes the hideous plan by the power elite to extend their own lives at the expense of the Neo-Spartans.

Author: Terence

Raly Radouloff studied languages at Sofia University, Kliment Ochridski in Bulgaria's capital city. Terence Winkless studied film-making at USC in LA. Together they made movies and TV -- Twice As Dead, Fire Over Afghanistan, The Power Rangers, among them. They wrote The Neo-Spartans for their daughter.

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