The Red Canoe

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Author: Michael, USA

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Editor: Lee Ann

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My editor, Lee Ann, seemed to be engaged with my story, leaving comments along the way.

FirstEditing is quick, efficient and dependable. I also like that they are always available.

My latest book, The Red Canoe, is currently selling on Amazon and via my personal website and doing well.

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Author’s review

A short introduction

Over one hundred fifty years ago, a Civil War Union payroll wagon and a river barge crash in an unrecorded history of arrogance and pride, sacrificing lives and forfeiting a long-awaited payday for three thousand men.

Two sides of the same legendary story and the same lost treasure of that long-ago war awaken modern-day treasure hunters when new evidence is exposed, lending credibility to family lore. An old red canoe harbors the most important clue, initiating an unfriendly race to find its meaning and expose the prize that awaits.

Derrick Nolen, a photojournalist on assignment in Front Royal, Virginia, is swept up into the pursuit when a chance encounter with the red canoe and the MacGregor sisters hijacks his assignment, luring him into their adventure.

Author: Michael

Michael Durney lives with his wife, Linda in Front Royal, Virginia along with his Golden Retriever, Sydney. The Red Canoe is his fourth novel. When Michael is not writing, he develops customer loyalty programs for small businesses through his company, Interactive Marketing.

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