The Rock Stars of Neuroscience: How a Groupie in Crisis Emerged as the Heroine of her Family’s Victory over Mental Illness

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Author: F.D. Raphael, USA

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Lee Ann was professional, yet personalized the experience with notes in the margin. I loved that. Your fees and turnaround time were competitive. I was especially concerned to have editorial services for the bibliography.
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A short introduction

The true story of what happens when one woman interrupts her career as a music executive to guide her family through crisis by discovering her rock stars of neuroscience.

Author: F.D. Raphael

F. D. Raphael built a career in the music industry, working for the David Geffen Company, Aerosmith, Rhino Entertainment, and Bertelsmann Music Group in a wide range of creative and executive roles. She executive produced the critically acclaimed theatrical release DeRailroaded: The Wild Man Fischer Story, a film about Fischer's colorful music career and the paranoia induced by his manic-depressive schizophrenia. Raphael graduated from Rutgers University with a BA with honors in English and mass communication. She interned for legendary publisher William Phillips of The Partisan Review and attended the Writer's Program at Bennington College before becoming a staff writer for The Middlesex Daily News in Massachusetts. In 2011, Raphael received the prestigious California State Parent Teacher Association Honorary Service Award. She works with UCLA's Depression Grand Challenge Advocacy Team and lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and their dogs, Foster and Posse 2. They have two grown sons.

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