The Russian Values

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Author: Vladimir, USA

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For me, as a native Russian speaker, quality of your work, editor's professionalism, personal communication and deadlines were on the top level.
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A short introduction

In this thorough and detailed examination of the Russian character, Vladimir Zakharov explores the inherent values that make the Russian people who they are. The book not only examines why the Russian people seem to fall into the same social, psychological, and political traps again and again, but suggests what needs to be done to break the cycle of subordination to authority that has typified Russia from its earliest years.

Twelve Russian values are explored, four primary and eight secondary. The four primary values that drive the Russian people to meaningful action are private property, power, the external enemy, and the internal enemy. Among the secondary, socio-psychological values are dignity, the will, honesty, trust, and conservativeness. Over the centuries, these values have remained remarkably stable in the face of national events and changing systems of authority, and for contemporary Russians, they are deeply ingrained in the psyche.

In defining these values and exploring what they mean for Russians today, the book provides a fresh socio-psychological view of Russian and Soviet history, culture, and politics, from ancient Rus to the 21st century. In doing so, it paints a vivid picture of the mentality of the Russian people and the needs, goals, and attitudes that shape their worldview.rnrn

Author: Vladimir

Vladimir was born in Novosibirsk, Russia, in 1944, and was raised in Moscow and St. Petersburg. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in psychology. For most of his career, he worked as an applied psychologist in the areas of psychodiagnostics and socio-psychological training. Vladimir immigrated to the US in 1993, and he currently lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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