The Sag Odyssey of Rawman Ant. (Planet Ism)

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Author: Christopher Simpson II, USA

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The free sample was what I liked the most. I didn't like the free sample because it was free and it seemed like a scam. But, like a lot of first-time authors, I was nervous to let anyone else really look at my work and judge it. With your kind and patient staff, I had no problem opening up and putting my work out there. Turned out it was no problem! Just me overthinking everything! The aftermath from the free sample had really set the tone on how the rest of the project would lay out. On-time as guaranteed and like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This resource is worth every penny.
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A short introduction

The Sag Odyssey, an original fantasy following Rawman Ant while he is traveling through space visiting unique planets that the author had created. To understand Rawman Ant's way, you must know that the longer he occupies a planet the more that he becomes free from the planets laws itself ranging from basic gravity to transparencies. Rawman Ant's powers are simply to manifest space itself and to adapt to his surroundings while relying on his spontaneity and duality. Rawman Ant has two companions that mentally are always there helping and warning Rawman Ant with every step. Their names are PatSag and SavSag, one wielding the will of being patient and the other being a complete savage that cannot be stopped. A mortal enemy: The Particons who've been around millenniums before Rawman Ant, have had that much more time to master their abilities and use their powers for universal domination against him and whoever else gets in their way. They've already taken control of planet Ism and are draining it up for their own personal gain.

Find out what Rawman Ant must do in order to maintain balance on planet Ism by figuring out how to restore planet Ism back to its natural state and replenishing its resources. The main goal of this passage is to help raise one's awareness of their own self and to enable people to trust and believe in themselves during hard times

Author: Christopher Simpson II

I'm a twenty-six-year-old multicultural American. I grew up in Jackson, MI, a melting pot to say the least. Although I have lived here most of my life, I consider the world to be my playground. There's always something else out there and there's something in me that will always reach out for it. I'm a man of core values of good intent, honesty, and bravery. I'm currently in school, studying to become a literary agent so I can build a platform for other writers to benefit from. Storytelling is my passion, something that will always be within me, whether it's my poetry or me respecting someone else's work and writing a review. I'll always love that feeling when someone loves and reciprocates what you conjured up in your mind and wrote down, it's truly a magical feeling.

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